Boxing Focus Pads Hook and Jab Kick MMA Training Punching Gloves Curved Pair


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  • Farabi Sports presents another advanced technology lightweight Focus mitt that is designed to be ultra-tough to withstand the Targeted blows, padded to the max for impact protection

  • With multi layers of padding, it provides unbeatable resistance from the incoming punches. Lower wrist padding reduces wrist injuries and allows the trainer to survive deadly blows.

  • The harder striking side gives athlete a tough competition. Eliminated finger pockets help in a stronger grip and perfect fitting. Enhanced grip tech feature is a great addition to this focus mitt, providing the trainer a secure fit.

  • Multi-layered padding enhances protection and impact absorption. PTX- lock mechanism holds the padding firmly together thus helps in maintaining its shape.

  • Interior finishing helps in disseminating the impact of force on the whole pad. If you are looking for a reliable training partner, then this Air mitt is ideal for you.

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