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Color: White
Size: 2XS
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Farabi Muay thai shorts are designed aesthetically for the fighters who prefer comfort and style. The shorts are made from prime quality Satin-P material which gives a soft and light feel.

Equipped with a stretchable K-Knit elasticated material for waistband to be used with abdomen protector. The Z-Smart aesthetic design provide ease of movement during the combat and training.

Powered by Nano-pores technology which wicks the moisture and allows easy ventilation. Treated with Super-X Nano thread these shorts are extremely lightweight to carry and gave amazing comfort and feel to the skin.

Equipped with elasticated O-D waistband for extra snugness and amazing fit. Pico-thread technology strengthened the stitching bond with a Triple-needle flat fell (lap seam) stitching on center and back.

Ergonomically placed slits augment the stress-free use of kicks and knees. Best for training as well as fight sessions.

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