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Farabi Versatile storage duffel bag for your rigorous demands and daily routine storage. Farbi Duffle bag is designed with fashion and function in mind.

  • The unique styling and innovative design make this bag extremely desirable with plenty of compartments with great layout for extensive storage. Made from high quality Synthetic-SAP condensation copolymers this bag is built to last because of extremely durable molecules density ratio.

  • Powered by LCR-Compartment with a U-shaped aesthetic opening closured and a TCR-smooth zipper which allows easy usage of the storage capacity. Powered by a flat MXT synthetic fiber bottom that help the bag retains crisp resilient look.

  • The unique SAP-synthetic copolymers technology allows odor free storage for high quality sports gears. The design of the bag is infused with Farabi signature styling and a sleek sports look.

  • With the multiple storage compartments this bag is extremely easy to maintain for both men and women. Comes with handy exterior pocket for the valuable storage. With the quick access pocket, strong reinforced bungee zippers and large capacity to hold all of your workout gear this gear is considered to be the best get away bag.

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