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  • Farabi Heavy Duty fully loaded commercial grade Wall Mount Bracket for Punching Bags is designed to sustain the heavier loads and severe kicks and punches. Made from 16 guage powder coated iron that has a greater strength and durability among all its competitors.

  • Ergonomically designed with eight mounting points and Multi Joint construction that gives the ability to withstand the most severe punishment to the bags. With the HOX multiple points of contacts with the mounting surface this Frame is equipped with TZX Stress transformation technology that provides more stability and accuracy to the training athlete.

  • The Angular attachment on each side enhances the stability and control the movement of the bag. The CPX Slight movement helps protect the frame form coming off and keep the bag stable. The HGX Steel bolts ensure the stable contact and smooth movement of the bag which enhances the overall technique of the athletes.

  • Equipped with a fully loaded accessory pack for stress free assembling. The multiple anchor points provide added strength to the whole mount. The RCK-Acute 45 degree angular support enhances the stable posture and strengthen the wall bracket to withstand the most extreme workout sessions.

  • Equipped with Anti-Wobble D-Shackle ring swivel that ensure the best connection of the punch bag rings. The Anti Rust -JPR construction ensure the durability and enhancing the lasting ability. With the reinforced MSK design this wall mount has the ability to carry a load upto 80 KG.

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