Farabi Thermal Mens tight fit pants Winter Compression Warm


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Farabi Professional leggings and inner trousers series is specially designed for the fighter with Ultra-Light Elasticated-P jumbo material which gives a smooth and soft feel.

The Nano-lycra fabric have is powered by the cool-NT lining which keep the lower body cool and stress free during training and combat. Cool –Brisk Nano Lycra-P fabric is extremely soft against the skin and provide a refreshing feel.

Made using the Z-Smart designing sensation these inner pants allow easy moment and augment the overall performance. Knitted using K-knit Pico thread technology powered by D-Vento pores these inners wicks the moisture and allow easy ventilation.

The C-Wide ultra-waistband is designed to support the back and can be used with the abdomen guard. The waistband is equipped with stretchable G-Net system which gives the best fit and comfort.

Powered by a special core G compartment for the groin protector. The Swift-z Closure system provide added snugness and can be adjusted according to the need. The high quality Satin Fabric is durable and long lasting with added anti-Microbial properties.

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