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Farabi best in shape weighted vest is in the market now for the serious athletes looking to improve their endurance and increase their core strengths.

It offers a lot of versatility in terms of design and quality It has dual belly straps as well as shoulder straps to help tightening it down reducing movement during and shifting during jumping and running exercises. Ergonomic flex weight design contours to the body with a balanced weight scheme on the front and back to ensure easy movement and target all the muscles that a normal jacket can't reach.

The Farabi Hardcore weighted jacket is ready to use as it arrives which reduces human effort and time to assemble. Made entirely with Rex RC Synthetic leather with DX co polymers fabric along with EVA Strength sheet to ensure durability. Equipped with RC- Fleece couture padding that gives an amazing and stress free feel and help creating and urge to train more
Padded with CGX-Foam padding along with FBX fabric piping to refrain the impact of weights and eliminate the damage of skin muscles. Nylo-Webbing Straps give an amazing snugness and fit with the body structure. This weighted jacket fully reinforce the stress level at all stress points and maxims the fulcrum effect while training. It has double padding to help prevent chafing during high movement exercises.

It comes with 10 Kg and 15 Kg high density iron weights so that one can pick the suitable one according to the fitness need. The internal RE-Fleece fabric has the moisture wicking and order resistive properties so that one can train for hours without a pause. The mid chest belt prevents shifting and ensures the snug fit.

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