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Farabi gross leather weight lifting gloves series is a classic addition to the Farabi’s strength training fitness range. Anatomically designed for gross weight lifting and bar training these gloves super have super clenching ability.

Made from pure Cowhide genuine leather these gloves are extremely durable, long lasting. These gloves offer ultimate protection to the palm, knuckles, fingers and wrist. The internal RCG gripper provide amazing grip and control over the movement which augments the lifting ability and overall performance.

These gloves use a hybrid lycra Nano fabric which offer amazing fit and provide soft protection to the wrist, metacarpal bones and joints. Powered by a wide LC-protective strap which provide protection to the wrist and enhances the lifting ability.

It also ensures the stable lifting posture for the wrist which reduces the chance of injury to the lowest possible. Stitched using a RAW Triple-needle fleece Pico-thread which strengthen the composition and make this glove extremely durable.

The internal JP-Nano composition allows the air contact with the hands surface and keep hands dry. It also incorporates the Anti-Microbial properties which keep the skin safe and soft.

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