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Farabi always focus on the safety of the athletes. The barbell pad is specifically designed to reduce this risk of neck or shoulder injury during squats and hip thrusts.

Made from high quality duo layered jumbo EVA- padding coupled with raw TC3 smooth finished fabric this barbell bar support provide extra cushioning and rest to the neck and shoulder during extensive squats and hip thrusts session.

Aesthetically designed specifically for the 2 inch standard size Olympic bars for a snug fit and reducing the slippage and budge. Equipped with a strong super Swift-Z closure system along the whole pad length that allows ease of use and best fit.

The tightness of the barbell can be adjusted with the help of Velcro strap to avoid the slippage. The TC3 fabric is extremely moisture repellent so it keep the whole pad moisture free. The TC3 fabric has the smooth outer finish which allow the barbell pad to be wiped and cleaned easily.

The 40 cm long dual layered of EVA-padding provide extended support to the shoulder muscles and keep the neck stress free. The Tc3 fabric coupled with EVA padding is extremely durable with easy to put on Velcro closure this gear can serve to be the best squatting partner.

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