Farabi Coaching Mitts Focus Gloves for Training Punching and kickboxing


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  • Genuine grain leather besides offering high tensile strength awards athlete with much more durability and usability. Being a natural fiber, it acts as natural skin and makes these Farabi coaching mitts highly recommended for prolonged training sessions.

  • Advanced JK-padding mechanism removes extra burden from athlete's hand and generates the feeling of balanced punch. GMB-defense system goes past its purpose, making it strikingly fabulous for insane training.

  • Advanced anti-microbial treatment ensures increased hygiene efficiency. Highly padded finger overhang protects athlete's knuckles and second knuckles from injuries. Easy to take on and off.

  • Balanced weight distribution helps athlete in making quick reflexes. Advanced stitching techniques keep these versatile Farabi coaching mitts in shape, making it highly recommended for prolonged use.

  • Produced using advanced manufacturing techniques, made according to the necessities of the professionals. Ideal for Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing and heavy punching bag workouts.

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