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Farabi Genuine cowhide leather double end speedbag is a fighter’s delight and the trainers dream. Weather it’s a beginner or a pro every single individual need rhythm focus and speed to win the fights. Farabi double end speed ball is engineered to incorporate all the aspect that are need to develop focus, rhythm and gaining speed.

Made from high quality genuine Nappa cowhide leather this speed ball is extremely durable and has the ability to withstand the extreme punching and sparring session. Equipped with C7-Elasticated bands that can be adjusted according to the need of the trainee.

This speed ball ensure the correct body mechanics and position for the punching and defense. The C-Clock motion of the speedball allows the athletes to incorporate the correct punching technique and making a speedy connection for building good reflexes.

The C-Clock 360 motion allows building correct rhythm which enhances the training capacity and augment the speed. The quick reflection of the ball allow the trainee to build good vision and help prepare for the punches of the opponent.

It can help building best kicking and punching coordination. With the R-C jab motion this speed ball can serve to be the best training partner for the jab and punch training. Stitched using a RAW Triple-needle fleece Pico-thread which strengthen the composition and make this ball extremely durable. Comes with a pair of adjustable elasticated ropes and hooks.

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