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Farabi Bulwark Junior gum shield protection provides seamless protection of the most sensitive part of human body. The gum shield is extremely shock absorbent and has the ability to disperse the impact of force equally which reduces the chance of injury to the lowest possible level.
  • Inspired by the X3 deign sensation by Farabi this mouth guard can be used in various kinds of sports including but not limited to Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Hockey, Ice Hockey, Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Karate, Brazilian jiu jitsu

  • basketball, wrestling, cycling, football, and all other outdoor & combat sports.

  • The premium protection design provide state of the art safety to the gums, teeth's and tongue. Available in high quality aesthetic design and color. The extended safety design allows the guard to fit in nicely with the shape of the mouth and teeth and is extremely comfortable and easy to put on.

  • Made from hygienic food grade dura material, the double PG6 protection system provide protective cover to the jaws and gums from any of the direct strike. The mouth guard provides the best protection when you are considering extreme combat challenges and capacity training.

  • Powered by a high impact shock absorption system which can resist any shock and disperse its impact along with an integrated OC-breathing channels which help in easy breathing in the time of action. Equipped with a Soft Acrylic C-Gel liner molds for best fit. Sold as a single piece.

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