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When you are considering strength building deadlifting exercises than this gym strap can serve to be the best companion in the gym. Farabi gym straps are made from a refined pure quality cotton coupled with the pure Dura-ECX Nylo toned super micro fiber which has the capacity to support the heavy lifting session.

The super Fab Dura-ECX material has the best grip and provide a wider support to the wrist during the lift. The super fine cotton-X coasted with prime heat, slip resistant Nylo-Pad that avoid the slippage and provide the best grip.

The C-X cotton powered with a Nylo strap has the ability to transform the weight equilibrium from the hands to the forearms for gross easy lifting. It enhances the overall grip strength as well as the strength of spinal, lumber and legs for deadlifting sessions and also augments the overall capacity. The strap eliminated the need for a hardcore grip strength as it takes all the load and apply to the wrist and the forearms and maintain the equilibrium.

The straps are extremely helpful in the pullup sessions as it provide addition grip to compose the up session. Comes with a smart CGI padding for additional support and comfort during the strength training sessions. Equipped with a wide dimensional 21 inches long and 1.5 inches wider grip system for enhanced snugness and fit.

Armed with an adjustable wrap around strap for the perfect grip. The straps are designed to be used easily with the rubber coated handle and has the perfect clutch control. These straps help building focus on muscle mind connection so that athletes can give their muscles a better workout.

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