Boxing Head Guard Kick Boxing Head Protection Helmet High Quality Rex Leather


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Farabi Female Head guard series is articulated with 6th Gen Sensation specifically for the real women fighters. Made from high quality durable replicated Leather this head guard can survive the most deadly blows.
  • Equipped with tri layered Pad-X technology, this head guard series is extremely shock absorbent. Inspired by the Z-Smart design series by Farabi the headguard provide better viewing angles and smart feel. The internal PU-lining provide added comfort and protection. Velco-L strap at the chin provide snugness at its best.

  • Equipped by Z-Smart Velcro closure system this head guard can be adjusted according to the head size and shape.

  • The internal Nano-G fabric wicks the moisture and contain Anti-Microbial properties which keep the skin and head stress free.

  • Made using 6-Gen sensation technology this head guard offers extra protection to the most sensitive areas of the head and do not hamper the vision.

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