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Farabi B-Cross Weight lifting back support is one of the prime support addition in the back protective equipment range. Anatomically designed for serious protection of the spinal and the lumbar to ensure guaranteed support during the lifting and training sessions.

The B-cross belt help reducing spinal flexion creating safer biomechanics with wider abdomen support during the deadlifting sessions. The back protection helps in avoiding injury and maximize workout performance. It help in gaining confidence during extreme powerlifting session by providing superior hardcore back protection.

The Swift-Z Velcro closure support strap provides the ability to change stiffness to the preferred comfort and support desired for limb and central body drills. The RCJ- Support technology make this belt ideal for bodybuilding and exercises such as Back Squats, Power Cleans, Dead Lifts, Clean and Jerks, Overhead Squats and much more.

"Stitched using Tri-Needled fleece Pico thread added strength and durability. This Nylo belt provides a stable and firm back support to the entire spinal cord and permit easy transition from light to heavy lifting. Best for squats and deadlifts.

Comes in a solid shape and really fits great. The special FRG-Back Rest technology enhances the comfort level of the spine and vertebral column to the maximum during the lifting and workout sessions. Ergonomically designed this belt fits with the shape of the body providing the maximum protection to the dorsal bones. The RCK- adjustable shell locking system provide extra snugness and strength.

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