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Farabi reverse wrist support is designed to provide rest and support to the wrist and the connecting bones during the extreme workout sessions. Made from high quality durable and long lasting neoprene coupled with Geo-Flex thermal micro fiber k-knit with stylish striped design not only ensures a comfortable fit but support wrists while weight lifting, body building, sparring and power lifting.

This strap is precisely designed to offer maximum support without taxing the athlete with extra burden. Strategically designed wrist support system provide hardcore protection and support to the wrist when athletes are considering heavy loads for pressing movement in bench press and overhead press.

These wrist wraps can not only be used for fitness activities, but its versatile design makes it ideal for punching bags workout. It allows the athletes to lift heavy weight & reduces the risk of injury. Its ergonomic design increases circulation to help prevent injuries.

With attached elastic thumb loop, it is easier to get off and on. It offers optimal fit & does not slide off while heavy weight lifting. Heavy duty stitching with double seam and laser trimming provides the desire strength and makes it durable.

Made with advanced manufacturing techniques, it has the ability to last. Farabi reverse wrist strap straps will last a lifetime, lift massive weights, and grip the bar like a vice.

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