Farabi Sports Taekwondo Uniform Mix Martial Arts Uniform Set - Black


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  • Farabi Sports professional multipurpose Martial Arts Bjj gi is made from hybrid material of pure Egyptian cotton and PPS polyester that winks the moisture and keeps you dry during the training and fight sessions. It is made using a Nano-fabric technology that allows the air to pass through the Nano-holes which augments the comfort and relaxes the body.
  • Designed aesthetically and knitted with Pico-thread to give the gentle and soft feel. Treated with Super-X Nano thread this gi is surprisingly balanced weight to carry and gave amazing comfort and feel to the skin. Equipped with elasticated O-D waistband for extra snugness and amazing fit. Equipped with highly elasticated JC-Drawstring technology for added comfort and snugness.
  • Egyptian Cotton,Polyester
  • Machine Wash
  • Fastening: Drawstring
  • Long Sleeve
  • Pico-thread technology strengthened the stitching bond with a Triple-needle flat fell (lap seam) stitching on center and back. Made from durable and long lasting Nano-Fabric which allows easy ventilation during long sessions. Aesthetically designed to augment the movement and performance of the users. Best for training as well as fight sessions.
  • The D-Round slits are placed to enhance movement of the individuals while training and combat. These machine washable gi's are made from pure cotton-X material treated with polyethylene terephthalate (PET) that provide a soft and gentle feel and do not hamper the movement of any kind. Equipped with wide elasticated waistband with a draw string closure which gives a perfect snugness.
  • The waistband is ergonomically designed to be used with the abdomen protector. The gi's are aesthetically designed for the professionals to gain momentum and feel. The RC-thermal polymer help in keeping the body warm during the longer sessions. With the PP-MEG advance polymer these gi's have the ability to retain a crisp and resilient look and are highly abrasion resistant.

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