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Farabi Ultimate wrist support is designed to provide rest and support to the wrist and the connecting bones during the extreme workout sessions. Made from high quality durable and long lasting neoprene coupled with Geo-Flex thermal micro fiber k-knit. Powered with and GC-elasticated thumb loop for additional support from the thumb.

It helps support the wrist and strength them to keep them straight. Strategically designed wrist support system provide hardcore protection and support to the wrist when athletes are considering heavy loads for pressing movement in bench press and overhead press.

It helps in augmenting the performance during the low bar squats where the wrist strength in needed. Powered by the super wide Swift-Z Velcro closure system for the best snug fit. Equipped with JCR-neoprene padding this wrist support provide additional comfortability to the user and helps in keeping the wrist straight to avoid numbness during heavy and deadlifting sessions.

It helps building the momentum in lifting and facilitate the best lifting technique to be applied in ultimate lifting drills. Armed with an elastic loop that wraparound the thumb to enhance the hand wrist coordination and augments the overall performance.

Inspired by the unique S-Smart design sensation by Farabi this wrist strap give a sleek look and aesthetic appearance in the gym.

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